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Hey guys i know that i dont post alot...or at all I'm more of a lucker but never mind that.  for rite now

I never in my life thought that i might meet someone that looks like him but it happened.
Me and my bestfriend went school shopping at waterworks mall in pittsburgh. (that's were i live) and we got hungary so we went to taco bell my bestfriend went before me so i wasnt really paying attention but when i went up to order i was dumbfounded. here was this guy who was about my height maybe a couple inches taller then me who had the same skin tone, the same face, same curly brown hair, the same cute blue eyes and the small lips. I couldnt believe what i was seeing.The only thing about this guy was that. he's face was longer then kyle's I thought that he could be kyle's little brother. He was very cute my bestfriend who's really goofy got him to smile. and he also had a great smile. and before i left the cash register i managed to look at his name tag and his name was also kyle. Hehehehe.
I know i'll be goin to taco bell alot more...:)
07.23.08(no subject)
THG - Peeta/Katniss
001 - 014 10 Things I Hate about You icons
015 - 019 Anita Blake icons (from the Marvel comics)
020 - 026 Bethany Joy Galeotti icons
027 - 030 Briana Evigan icons
031 - 044 Christina Cox icons
045 - 049 David Boreanaz icons
050 - 051 Kyle Schmid icons
052 - 060 Jason Behr icons
061 - 065 Megan Fox icons
066 - 100 The Chronicles of Riddick icons (mainly Christina Cox and Vin Diesel)
101 - 108 Supernatural icons from the episode Heart
109 - 112 Steven Strait icons
113 - 115 10 Thins I Hate about You banners


The rest here @ [info]i_will_dare_89
07.05.08(no subject)
THG - Peeta/Katniss
001 - 019 Various icons from the Anita Blake comics
020 - 040 Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
041 - 056 Kyle Schmid mostly as Henry Fitzroy in Blood Ties


The rest @ i_will_dare_89
06.29.08(no subject)
THG - Peeta/Katniss
001 - 008 Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson (Blood Ties)
009            Henry and Mike (Blood Ties)
010 - 021 Henry and Vicki (Blood Ties)
022 - 051 Kyle Schmid as Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties)



Over 50 Blood Ties icons this way
06.29.08(no subject)
THG - Peeta/Katniss
001 - 003 Eliza Dushku
004 - 012 Vicki and Henry (Blood Ties)
013 - 015 Henry (Blood Ties)
016 - 019 Blood Ties


The rest at my LJ

Hey Everyone! I am a HUGE fan of Blood Ties and I need everyone's help! I am working on a project for Kyle and Christina.  I want to make each of them a "birthday book". This is just a scrapbook that I will fill with notes from the actor's fans (birthday notes, praise, etc), decorate, and send to them for their birthday. I would like for fans to send/email me notes for each or both actors. I know that both Kyle and Christina would appreciate the messages from fans.

I am spreading the news everywhere about this project everywhere and I wanted to see if you guys could help by sending me a letter or two. I know this has the potential of being a great, unique gift for both Kyle and Christina. I would really appreciate anything that you could do.

I set up a website for the project. Check it out here: http://www.freewebs.com/bloodtiesbirthdaybooks/ 
 You can send me questions, comments, or suggestions at this email address or thirsty4bloodties@gmail.com
or at my myspace:
Here is all of the Info:

Send your letters to:
My email at
OR send your handwritten letters to:
Attn: Blood Ties
PO Box 767861
Roswell, Georgia 30076
Email is great, but I think that handwritten notes are more personal.

In Your Letters Please Include:
*A heartfelt note
*A "happy birthday" wish
*Your name and country/state (it is up to you how specific you want it to be)
**PS-Tell me who the letter is for if you think I won’t know
*You can include pictures if you like

Christina's birthday is July 31st, so I need ALL of her letters by June 20.
Kyle's birthday is August 24th, so I need ALL of his letters by July 20.

Thank you SO much. I really want to send each of them a memorable gift that shows how much the fans love them, and that they have fans all over the world. Thanks for your participation!!  I look forward to your email or letter. Thanks again!

~A Fellow Blood Ties Fan

[##] - CoffeeLove
my first Blood Ties FanMix... and my first one at all *excited*


you can find all the infos and the download-link over at my journal lore_85 or just click right HERE
12.03.07(no subject)
[##] - CoffeeLove
4 new Wallpapers - Blood Ties & Cast Related

2 Kyle Schmid (Movie Zerophilia) - there is a beauty in all of us
1 Henry Firtzroy - if there were no words
1 Nighttime Lovers - i don't want this moment to ever end

you can find them HERE over at lore_85
[##] - CoffeeLove
Kyle is shooting a new Movie... it's called Joy Ride 2: End of the Road

Four teens traveling to Las Vegas for a concert take a lethal side trip, and when their beater of a car breaks down, they make the fatal error of stealing a car belonging to depraved, homicidal, sadistic, maniacal, sociopathic trucker Rusty Nail.

Director: Louis Morneau
Connie Dolphin

Kyle Schmid
Aisling Walsh
Nick Zano
Nicki Aycox
Laura Jordan

and chek THIS out... Video Interviews with the Cast (including Kyle) and Producer
Connie Dolphin... Enjoy watching *happy*

Hi, I'm new to this community. I discovered the "Blood Ties" series after the first book (Blood Price), and that one after the "Smoke" series (I'm a Nick Lea absolute fan and couldn't miss the adventures of "Lea Nicholas" LOL). I've been watching all the available episodes (including 1 to 5 of season 2) through Torrent, but I can't wait to watch them properly on a commercial DVD. And on French TV, pleeeeaaaase!

I really enjoy the series, I couldn't find a weak episode from the start. And Kyle Schmid is yummy, the least I can say...
Motivational Vampire
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